Estate Planning & Funding. Wills & Trusts. Insurance. Deed Preparation.

Estate Planning & Funding . Wills & Trusts. Insurance. Deed Preparation.

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Estate Planning

At Colleen Marie & Associates, we work with attorneys to utilize available resources that will help your family avoid the expensive financial and emotional costs of probate. We assist with document preparation and make both a self-directed and an attorney directed product available for individuals, partners, spouses and families. As an LDA, CMA does not need the assistance of an attorney; however, we can help attorneys if they request it.

Insurance Policy

At Colleen Marie & Associates, we have been helping families and businesses with their insurance needs for more than 25 years. We are not just sellers of insurance. We have a client-centered practice and take pride in our ability to evaluate your unique individual needs with the goal of finding the most suitable insurance products particularly for you.

Deed Preparation

We can acquire, prepare, and file deeds at your direction. Deeds adding/removing individuals due to a death or divorce, transferring your property to a trust initially or following a refinance, and many other transfer types can be prepared by an LDA. We can get copies of deeds from almost any county in the USA and we can file deeds for you anywhere in the mainland USA.

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At Colleen Marie & Associates, we are a group of professionals who pride ourselves on providing top tier services. These include Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, Deed Preparation, Notary and Insurance services for our clients. We work with you individually and carefully, at your direction, in order to evaluate your unique business and personal needs to find the most suitable solution for you.

Here at Colleen Marie & Associates, we receive the exclusive designation awarded by the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners, to those who complete the rigorous training and continuing education required. This ensures that our clients receive the latest and most current service possible. Our insurance licensing and NICEP designation allows us to assist with estate funding nationwide. We focus on mitigating these costs through early planning. Together, we can achieve this.

Estate Planning is planned protection for you and your loved ones. One of the barriers to getting a plan done is the cost. If this is a concern, consider using an LDA. Under Business & Professions Code 6400, a Legal Document Assistant is authorized to prepare legal documents for consumers. LDAs are NOT attorneys; however, they can assist you in the preparation of your legal documents, at your direction.

Do NOT delay properly planning and funding your estate. Our motto is: “The worst decision you make on your very worst day is better than the best decision the court makes for you on their very best day” ™

For more than two decades, Colleen and her team have been assisting people of all ages. We work with individuals and businesses alike. Our goal is to simplify the process and make it as affordable as possible.

For the individual attention needed for your desired service, contact us at Colleen Marie & Associates. We make communication easy and accessible for YOU.


Need A Specialized Service? We Can Accommodate!

Assistance Without An Attorney

As a legal document assistant (LDA), CMA is bonded, insured and licensed to provide self-directed services to clients who want to get their estate planning completed. LDA’s are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice but are more affordable.

Update and Fund Your Trust

If you already have a trust set up but need it to be up to date and funded, CMA can help. We can also assist you in putting together a trust.

Insurance Policy

An important component of funding your trust is making sure that any current insurance policy, such as homeowners insurance is additionally insured and that the trust is named as an additional insured.

Colleen Marie & Associates

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