Insurance Dispute Resolution

Insurance Dispute Resolution

At Colleen Marie & Associates, we realize that disputes between insurance companies and their insureds often occur. Some disputes are minor and easily resolved. Other disputes take more finesse.

Our firm is composed of licensed insurance professionals who are able to immediately analyze your dispute, whether it is with your medical, home, auto, business, or life insurance. We are often able to resolve the dispute with a simple phone call. When the issue is more complex, we are good at problem solving and negotiation.

As a consumer, you are generally not on a level playing field with your insurer. The adjusters who evaluate the claim are often friendly and easy to talk to. But, insurance is a business and adjusters work for the insurer. Not for the insured. Adjusters have a goal and that is to save their employer money.

At Colleen Marie & Associates, we take on the role of a business negotiator in our attempt to resolve you dispute in an efficient and economic manner. We review your claim to be sure it is appropriately completed and help you with the necessary documentation you need to support your claim.

We are familiar with the chain-of-command at each insurance company and know how to approach the right person who has the authority to resolve the dispute.

Because we are insurance professionals, we are knowledgeable about California’s Fair Claim Handling Regulations. The most important of those is that your insurer owes you the legal duty to promptly and carefully handle your claim and to always act in good faith.

If you are in a dispute with your insurer, contact us at Colleen Marie & Associates for assistance. We serve all of those who are located in Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

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